Meet Chris Starling

Lead Investigator for Our Lafayette Personal Injury Attorneys and in Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Cases

Lead Investigator for Louisiana Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury CasesOver a twenty-two and a half year career with the Lafayette Police Department, Chris Starling held various positions, including patrol officer, power squad officer, canine handler, motorcycle enforcement officer, fatality investigator and Precinct Sergeant. During his service, Chris responded to over 10,000 calls. This included hundreds of motor vehicle accidents during his time in the traffic division. As an on-call fatality investigator, he was responsible for investigating fatal vehicle accidents in Lafayette. During the course of his career, Chris amassed numerous hours of in-class training, education and certifications, as well as hundreds of hours of on-scene and infield experience responding to accidents, conducting investigations, utilizing reconstruction equipment and reconstructing collisions.

Chris served as primary investigator for over fifty traffic fatality investigations. As a Sergeant, he oversaw multiple fatality investigations while acting as the on-duty Precinct Supervisor. These investigations included interviewing witnesses and subjects, inspecting and investigating vehicles, conducting on-scene investigations and data collection, creating scaled crash scene diagrams, writing detailed reports and testifying in court. During the course of these investigations, Chris applied known and tested accident reconstruction industry investigative techniques, standards and methods. He used this information together with the specific facts and data of various cases in order to reach a conclusion. He has a strong understanding of the fundamentals of crash mechanics, vehicle dynamics and kinematics, and the inner connectivity of vehicle systems, sub-systems and on-board technology. Chris is also a Louisiana licensed private investigator.

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Chris is available to travel throughout Southern Louisiana for personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. We frequently assist clients across Calcasieu Parish, in Lake Charles, Sulphur as well as Lafayette.

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