Have Playgrounds Become a Major Cause of Childhood Concussions?

Keep your children safe from concussions this summerDuring the summer months, it is common for Lafayette parents to arrange trips to playgrounds. However, there are safety issues parents should consider beforehand, such as falls and concussions. If you are a parent, this blog is not meant to cause panic, but to inform you of the possible risks found on playgrounds.

Recent statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control show hospitals have treated an increasing number of playground concussions since 2001.

In 2013, 29,000 children were treated in ERs for playground-related concussions, compared to 18,000 in 2001. Between 2011 and 2013, emergency rooms treated an average of 21,000 playground-related concussions annually. Monkey bars, playground gyms and swings are the main culprits.

It is possible, and likely, that schools and parents are taking concussions more seriously, hence the increase in hospital admissions for playground concussions.

Can Parents Help Their Children Avoid Playground Concussions?

If you are reading this as a parent, these numbers are likely very alarming. Fortunately, there are ways you can help your children avoid concussions.

  • Make sure monkey bars are being used safely. Dangling upside-down from monkey bars can increase the risk of suffering a brain injury, as children are more likely to fall flat on their heads.
  • Parents can inspect playground equipment for possible dangers. For example, parents can ensure playground equipment is coated or surrounded with soft surfaces.
  • Make sure children are not playing on equipment unsafe for their age, such as a toddler using a swing set or monkey bars by themselves.

As a parent, you can become the first line of defense against playground concussions this summer. Also keep in mind, schools and recreational centers that neglect equipment and allow dangerous conditions may be held liable for injuries.

The Lafayette personal injury attorneys at Galloway Jefcoat wish everyone a safe and happy summer.


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