How To Get a Police Report After An Accident

Photo of a couple at a scene of an accident

After you get into a car or motorcycle accident, you’re probably confused and overwhelmed as to what you should do next. Right after the incident, you should call an ambulance if there are serious injuries. Your next step should be to call law enforcement. A police officer will show up to the scene and probably generate a police report. It’s important to know what a police report is, why it’s important, and how the report can help you in a personal injury case.

Photo of a couple at a scene of an accident

What is in a Police Report?

A police report can contain important facts and conclusions about the incident; the more detailed these facts are, the more they can actually give you leverage in a personal injury dispute. This data can include specific circumstances of the event, like the date, location, weather conditions, the condition of the involved cars before and after, and any other relevant information. The report may also have the police officer’s assessment of fault, which can include details of which driving laws he believes were violated or whose carelessness probably caused the accident. Lastly, the police report could include information about any witnesses that could have potentially seen the accident and who caused it.

How Do I Get a Copy?

If you know the name of the police department or sheriff’s office, locate them and call to request a copy of the report. Depending on the agency, you might have to pay a small fee, and some of them require that you pick it up in person or they can mail it to you with no extra charge. It is possible for you to amend any factual errors in the report, but when it comes to a contested fact, you’ll have to contact the department and ask for more information on how to dispute it.

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