Could Poor Lighting Be to Blame for this Construction Accident?

Louisiana businesses must promote workplace safetyA Louisiana worker is accusing a business owner of negligence after he was injured in a construction accident. The man was working as a drywall installer for King and Co. when he fell and sustained injuries to his neck, head and back. He is claiming that the company failed to provide the adequate amount of lighting for the site. Because of their mistakes, he argues that he was unable to see the stairs. This caused him to slip and hit his head on a metal railing. The case is against both the business where the man was contracting and its insurance company. It will be heard in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court next August.

Falls Are a Common Type of Construction Accident

Fall accidents are the most common type on the job injury in the construction industry. Sometimes, there is no preventing them, but often they are a result unsafe work conditions. Depending on your employment situation, an on the job injury could go multiple ways. In some cases, you will be seeking workers’ compensation from your employer, and in other circumstances your will be filing a personal injury claim against a negligent third party.  Sometimes you will be taking both approaches at once. Talking to an experienced attorney can help you realize what the appropriate legal action may be for your specific circumstances.

Customers Can Fall Too

Fall injuries are common for customers as well. If you slip and fall at a business, and you can demonstrate there was negligence on the part of the property owner, you may still be entitled to medical bills and other expenses. If business owners have hazards on their property, they have the moral and legal obligation to improve conditions for their customers. Taking legal action can help you to make up medical bills and lost wages. These cases can also put pressure on businesses to improve their safety policies and help prevent future injuries.

No one should ever have to struggle with medical bills because a business didn’t take the proper safety precautions. If you are injured as a result of negligence, you should seek the counsel of an attorney.

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