What Popular Toy Caused 20+ Injuries in Louisiana This Year?

Picture of a brain MRIAfter several reports of faulty hoverboard batteries causing fires and explosions, consumer safety watchdogs have issued warnings on this popular holiday product. Several retailers have recently pulled it from their shelves. As it turns out, hoverboards have caused more than 20 injuries in our state since being released last year. People, some of which are children, have suffered serious injuries after using this product.

At Baton Rouge Medical Center, doctors oversaw 10 cases of injuries caused by hoverboards within a one-week period. One of the injuries at Baton Rouge Medical Center involved a brain hemorrhage. Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center treated nine people with injuries. Some people, including children, were showing up at hospitals with broken bones, sprains and brain injuries. Instead of enjoying their Christmas presents, children were sent to the emergency room instead.

Will Injuries from Hoverboards Gather More Media Attention?

The hoverboards, which closely resemble Segway scooters, first gained media attention after several fires were caused by exploding batteries. Hoverboards will gain more attention due to the high number of injuries. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the federal regulatory agency responsible for consumer safety, has launched its own investigation into hoverboards.

Even though a majority of hoverboards were pulled from online retailers like Amazon, it was too little too late for many people. Overseas manufacturers that do business in the US and domestic retailers that did not pull hoverboards should be made to answer for ignoring public safety. Too many people have been affected by these dangerous products for justice to be ignored.


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