Potentially Defective Security System Injures Louisiana Lawmaker

A new $5 million Capitol security system created unexpected trouble for Louisiana legislator Rep. Paul Hollis this week. Hollis, a Republican from Covington, was left slightly injured and a bit rattled while driving his vehicle through the exit of the Capitol parking lot.Picture of Man Suffering From Personal Injury

Just as he was passing over security pylons, which seemed safely underground, the pylons suddenly emerged from the ground, smashing through the front end of his Audi. The pylons are a security measure that keep unauthorized vehicles from entering the Capitol parking lot while still allowing pedestrians to walk freely into and out of the Capitol grounds.

Hollis suffered a cut on the wrist, a broken wristwatch and a significantly damaged vehicle. Thankfully, he was not seriously hurt. As to who is paying for the accident, that question is still up in the air. As of Monday, a Division of Administration spokeswoman was not able to confirm why the security system malfunctioned or who would be held financially responsible for the accident.

Representative Hollis is far from being the only Louisiana resident to suffer from an automobile accident as of late. According to Louisiana Crash Data Reports, there have already been 870 vehicle crashes involving injuries in the month of April alone.

When Car Accidents Require Litigation

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