Could Proper Yielding Have Saved These Children from Critical Injury?

Electronic cigarettes can cause permanent injuriesTwo children sustained critical injuries after one driver’s failure to yield caused a car accident in the Jefferson Parish. A pickup truck collided with an Oldsmobile minivan at around noon. A driver riding behind the man’s truck said that he witnessed the crash clearly. The truck stopped before merging, but then it clipped the back of the minivan as it entered the street.

This means that the truck’s driver did not properly yield before merging with oncoming traffic. He either did not properly judge the space behind the van, or he did not look before merging. This misjudgment caused the minivan to flip, and injured the three children inside. The woman in the passenger’s seat also suffered minor injuries.

Nearby onlookers rushed to help the family after the accident. They say that the parents were safely out of the van by the time they arrived, but that the children were apparently still inside. Paramedics arrived on the scene immediately. All of the victims received medical attention, and the two youngest children were rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Proper Yielding Can Prevent Critical Injuries and Save Lives

Hopefully these children will recover safely and quickly from this horrible accident. Tragedies such as this one can remind us that simple safety rules such as checking both ways, watching your blind spots and showing extreme caution before merging with oncoming traffic exist because they save lives. There is no reason for someone to be hurt when an accident was easily avoidable.

It is always your responsibly to be sure you can enter a lane of traffic before you merge. If you are not sure if you can make it, it’s better to wait than to risk hurting yourself or others. Unfortunately, normal human mistakes are sometimes unavoidable, but if we all do our part by following the rules of the road, we can create safer streets for everyone.

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