If You Have Purchased a Car from CarMax, You Need to See This

iStock 522604361 resize - If You Have Purchased a Car from CarMax, You Need to See ThisHave you recently purchased a vehicle from CarMax? A recent study shows that a stunning number of cars at several CarMax lots contain parts that have been recalled. Some of those parts have caused deadly accidents in the past!

The review looked at almost 1,700 vehicles in three states (Massachusetts, Connecticut and California) and discovered that about 27 percent of those vehicles contained at least one unrepaired recalled part.

Why Were the Parts Recalled?

Perhaps the most alarming recalled part found in these vehicles were Takata’s air bag inflators. This product has led to the largest automobile recall of all time due to the serious dangers it presents to drivers. Several people have died and hundreds have been injured by this product. These air bag inflators, due to degradation of the gas inside over time and with temperature and humidity, can explode violently, spraying metal shrapnel into anyone sitting close by.

Another defective component found in the survey were General Motors ignition switches prone to failure. When these switches fail, the car engine can turn off, preventing air bags from inflating during car accidents. This defect has led to at least 124 deaths.

CarMax has responded to the survey with a defense of its practices, noting that it shares vehicle specific recall information with all potential buyers prior to sale. However, Jason Levine, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, believes that marketing these vehicles as safe despite containing recalled parts is deceptive and could put people in harm’s way.

If you have purchased a vehicle from CarMax, it may be wise to seek out information as to whether your car contains any potentially lethal recalled parts.


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