Ride-Sharing to the Rescue? How Uber and Lyft Can Prevent Drunk Driving in Louisiana

Drunk driving accidents can be preventedIn the old days, people who spent their leisure time drinking alcohol had to worry about how they would arrive home safely. Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are spreading to cities around the country, offering intoxicated people safe and easy transportation alternatives. These services might help prevent drunk driving in Louisiana.

New Orleans, a city known for its crazy night life, has likely benefited from ride-sharing services. Baton Rouge is another city that has benefited from Uber. According to city councilmembers in Baton Rouge, DUI arrests have decreased by 18 percent because Uber is available.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has also compiled its own data to show how ride-sharing services are preventing drunk driving around the country. In the report ‘More Options, Shifting Mindsets, Driving Better Choices’, MADD claimed drunk driving accidents for motorists under 30 have decreased by 6.5 percent in California. In Seattle, drunk driving arrests have dropped 10 percent.

What About Lafayette? Can We Use Uber or Lyft?

Uber does exist in Lafayette, but Lyft is unavailable – for now. Lafayette residents only need a smart phone and debit or credit card to find a safe way home from parties, bars or other festivities. For people without smart phones, Designated Drivers of Lafayette will give safe rides home. Taxi cabs are another option, or perhaps finding designated drivers before going out.

There are no excuses for drunk driving when multiple options exist for getting home safely. Ride-sharing services like Uber will continue to spread throughout Louisiana, and it will be interesting to see how effectively they can prevent drunk driving.

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