Could Security Cameras Help Prevent Nursing Home Abuse?

Always stay up to date on consumer product recallsWould security cameras help identify and stop nursing home abuse?

A woman from Slidell has asked a federal court to allow her to place a camera in her mother’s nursing home room. The request came after the woman, Lucie Titus, discovered that her 92-year-old mother suffered an unexplained black eye. Her mother has dementia and can no longer reliably communicate with her daughter or the nursing staff. Titus was visiting her mother on May 7, as she did nearly every day, when she found her mother with the black eye and severe back pain. Her mother could not explain what happened, and the facility staff would not either. In fact, they claimed to have not noticed the black eye or that the elder was in pain.

Titus originally asked the nursing home to allow her to set up the camera, but the nursing home denied the request.

Pros and Cons of Allowing Cameras for Monitoring Nursing Home Residents

Cameras focused on your loved one’s care would allow the family to monitor the caregivers. Tragically, nursing home abuse is a real problem in this country, and cameras add an extra layer of protection for this most vulnerable population. Additionally, it could give families peace of mind when they see that their loved one is being provided excellent care. Cameras monitored by nursing home staff could also help staff care for agitated or restless elders who suffer things like falls, or whose medical equipment becomes dislodged.

But, of course, the big cons: loss of privacy and dignity. If you’ve ever been in a hospital, you know how it feels to be constantly monitored. Thankfully, most of our hospital stays are brief, but nursing home residents are there for long stretches of time. Not every elder is comfortable with the idea of constant video monitoring.


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