Does This Settlement Guarantee Safer Ikea Products?

Dad and pretty little daughter in the parkTwin brothers were alone in their bedroom when both decided to play on the dresser in the corner. The boys moved to the dresser and began climbing on it only to have the piece of furniture fall on top of them. That piece of furniture was bought from Ikea—the Swedish furniture giant that’s under fire for unsafe furniture. This incident could just be a sign of things to come.

The Hidden Dangers of Ikea Furniture

Luckily, the twin boys in the story above managed to escape serious harm. One boy was pinned under the heavy dresser, but the other managed to crawl out from under it. The twin that struggled free was able to push the furniture piece off his brother, but not all of the victims of toppling Ikea furniture have managed to escape.

From 2014 to 2015, three boys under the age of two were crushed by toppling Ikea dressers, and they did not survive. Because of this rash of deaths, Ikea ordered a recall on several of its dressers in June of 2016, but that wasn’t enough for the families of the victims. They took Ikea to court to find some measure of justice for their lost sons.

In December, Ikea submitted a settlement to the families to avoid its day in court. The settlement was for $50 million to be divided between the families, $50,000 to be donated to hospitals in those families’ areas, and $100,000 to be donated to child safety charities. Ikea has also stopped production on some of those unsafe dressers, and they promise to release new dressers that exceed the government’s safety standards.

Will a $50 Million Settlement Help Insure Safer Ikea Products?

Ikea does seem to be making an effort to make safer products, but the dresser that fell on the twins was not a part of the company’s recall. After the incident, the twins’ parents used a wall mounting bracket to attach the dresser to the wall and prevent tip overs. Most furniture manufacturers—including Ikea—recommend you do the same for your household dressers, bookshelves, and other free standing furniture.

Are there other ways you can make your home safer for your children? What other unsafe products are on the market today? You can find out by following our Lafayette product liability attorneys. Logon to Twitter and Facebook and you can learn even more about keeping your family safe from defective furniture.


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