Should We Be Worried About Another Disaster Like The BP Oil Spill?

Photo of Oil industryIn North Baton Rouge, businesses had to be evacuated because of a leak of hazardous chemicals from a refinery pipeline.  The leak only spilt approximately one barrel’s worth of materials, but Royal Dutch Shell still shutdown the Bengal Refined Pipeline to fix and investigate the problem. New laws and regulations helped to keep this incident under control, but are those regulations being applies to all spill situations?

When Hurricane Ivan rolled through in 2004, it caused an underwater mudslide that destroyed an oil platform owned by Taylor Energy. Since then oil has been leaking from the ruins, but lawmakers still have not forced the company to do anything about the leak.

Taylor Energy asserts that the area containing the leak is too unstable to repair the leak, and insists that efforts to close the leak will simply lead to even more oil escaping. However, the AP has conducted an investigation that reveals that the amount of oil being released from the leak is far more than what was estimated by Taylor Energy or the government.

Does This Mean Taylor Energy Should Be Forced To Fix The Leak?

This discovery echoes the miscalculation of the oil ejected from the Deepwater Horizons well, and has some worried that Louisiana could have another incident like the BP oil spill on the horizon. Unfortunately, only time will tell if this situation will turn into another BP oil spill disaster, but if it does the attorneys at Galloway Jefcoat are ready to represent the interests of the people.

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