Slip and Fall Injuries Alleged at Louisiana Restaurant

Photo of a hardhat at a shipyard with a worker laying on the groundProperty owners have a duty of care to visitors to provide a safe environment and to address hazardous conditions in a timely, reasonable manner. When a property owner violates this duty of care, and that violation leads to an injury, it is possible to seek reparations from the owner through a premises liability lawsuit.

Slip and fall injuries can be minor, such as cuts and bruises, or catastrophic, such as traumatic brain injury. In fact, slip and falls are the number one cause of traumatic brain injury in the United States, accounting for 35 percent, nearly double the rate of brain injuries caused by car accidents.

In February, a Jefferson Parish woman suffered a slip and fall at a New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood Co. restaurant. She filed a claim in June against the company and its insurance provider, seeking damages for her injuries as well as attorney’s fees and all other reasonable fees.

New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood has been named the defendant in several recent slip and fall cases. In 2013, a plaintiff claimed he was leaving the defendant’s establishment when he slipped and fell on an unknown substance on the ground outside the restaurant. He suffered several injuries, including abrasions and a left pelvis contusion. In November of that year, another woman sued the company after slipping and falling in a restaurant bathroom, sustaining injuries to her arm and shoulder that left her unable to open and operate the store she owned.

Because of the possibility of pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills following a slip and fall injury at a restaurant, it is wise to discuss your injuries with a personal injury attorney to cover all bases and maximize your potential for recovery.


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