If I Slip and Fall in a Store, Is It My Fault?

Photo of a couple reading a letter about an injuryAn Orleans Parish woman has accused Dollar Tree Stores Inc., Wayland Charles and ABC Insurance Company of negligence. The woman filed a complaint stating that she was walking through a New Orleans Dollar Tree store when she stepped on liquid that was left on the ground. She fell, suffering injuries.

Dollar Tree faces accusations of negligence for failing to clean up the mess, failure to warn of the danger presented by the puddle of liquid and negligence in management.

When I Slip and Fall at a Store, When Is It the Store’s Fault?

It can be easy for outside viewers to blame the victim of a slip-and-fall accident for their injuries. But businesses that welcome the public onto their premises have a legal duty to keep individuals reasonably safe; this goes for giant department stores all the way down to small independent stores.

The theory of premises liability is that if injuries occur due to unsafe conditions on a property, the property owner can be held liable. So, if a dangerous condition exists on a store property, like puddles of water, poor lighting, broken staircases, defective handrails, etc., and that condition leads to slip-and-fall injuries, the store can be accused of negligence, which is the basis of any successful personal injury lawsuit.

But to prove negligence, you need evidence. Your medical bills, for example, are proof of your injuries, but an investigation is necessary to determine whether a store breached its duty of care leading to your injuries. Speaking to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible is the best way to ensure that evidence is gathered and preserved.


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