Study Finds Childhood Brain Injuries Strain Child-Parent Relationships

Concussions can cause long-term damageA new concussion study conducted by CHU Saint-Justine, a research hospital, has alarming news for many parents. According to CHU Saint-Justine, childhood concussions can have significant effects on child-parent interactions. Why is this important? Children develop social skills they will use later in life by communicating with their parents, so the findings may suggest concussions have long-term implications for years after an injury.

The study focused on 130 children aged 18 to 60 months because this age group is more at risk for the adverse effects caused by concussions. Children in this age group have thinner skulls. Researchers divided up children into groups that have suffered concussions, orthopedic injuries and no injuries. Parents of these children also participated by filling out questionnaires that measured the quality of child-parent interactions.

All participants were filmed in an evaluation setting so researchers could see how children and parents interacted during daily activities. Children with a history of concussions had lower-quality social relationships with their parents. The worst cases observed by researchers showed children acting extremely negatively towards parents.

The Importance of Recognizing the Symptoms of Childhood Concussions

This study is important because children in this age group are just beginning to develop social and cognitive skills. Depending on the severity, concussions might slow the development of these abilities and put affected children behind their peers. However, researchers also claimed many children who have suffered concussions recover within a few weeks.

Parents can learn to recognize the symptoms of a concussion, such as repeated vomiting, headache, changes in behavior (irritability), clumsiness or disorientation.

The researchers who carried out this study recommend parents pay close attention to behavioral or psychological changes if their children have suffered concussions. If problems persist, the researchers recommend talking to a family doctor or neuropsychologist.

When we discuss slip and falls, bicycle accidents, car crashes and other causes of brain injuries, we should be mindful of how these events can affect the youngest members of our society.

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