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WARNING: Abilify Might Be Causing You Serious Harm

Abilify, one of the most popular drugs in the nation, has been linked to compulsory behaviors, including pathological gambling and binge eating. The drug was originally developed by the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company as a treatment for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but it is now also used as an add-on treatment for common conditions like depression. The medication has been a financial success for its company, having earned them $6.8 billion worldwide. However, while Otsuka has been profiting off the drug’s huge success, many patients taking it have been suffering from serious adverse effects. What Are the Negative Side Effects of Abilify? Multiple scientific studies have confirmed user’s claims, and concluded that there is a measurable link between Abilify and these harmful behaviors. Researchers also found that the compulsive behaviors typically disappeared when patients stopped taking the drug. Doctors believe that people who suffer from these effects have an abnormality in…
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