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Could Apple Have Prevented This Distracted Driving Crash?

The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular wonders of the smartphone era. Its sleek design, easy to use touchscreen, and buffet of useful apps almost make it a modern necessity. Unfortunately, that usefulness has also made it the center of many distracted driving incidents. Worse yet, Apple may have had the technology to stop some of these incidents from happening, but it never used this safety technology. Was This Distracted Driving Crash Preventable? FaceTime is a feature on iPhones that allow you to see real-time video of the person you are talking to on the phone. It is a popular iPhone feature, and it was being used by a 20-year-old when he slammed into a family’s car. It happened on Christmas Eve 2014, a family of four was rear-ended by another vehicle as they slowed down for traffic. The other vehicle hit them at 65 mph, and the…
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Here’s What Apple Had to Say to Officials about Car Safety

The most valuable company in the world just a wrote a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Many have been wondering if Apple has plans to build a car, since the consumer electronics company has been hiring engineers from automakers for a secret project, codenamed Titan. The letter confirmed these rumors, since the company is now openly encouraging regulators to create looser safety restrictions on self-driving cars. What Does Apple Have to Say About Car Safety Restrictions? Currently, technology companies such as Apple have to apply for approval when they create a new vehicle for testing. Safety officials need to ensure that a car is safe before the business can start driving it on public streets. Steve Kenner, the Apple executive who wrote the letter, thinks that needs to change. He urged the NHTSA to allow Apple to self-police the safety of its own test vehicles. He…
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