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A Brief History of Auto Recalls: The Explosive Ford Pinto

Over the last several decades, auto manufacturers have recalled millions of vehicles for defects. One of the most widely known auto recalls in American history involved the Ford Pinto (specifically models developed between 1971 and 1976). This blog will run you through the history of the Ford Pinto recall and how to ensure your vehicle is safe for use. The Ford Pinto recall is not one of the largest in American history, but it is one of the scariest. Ford’s Pinto was designed in a way that positioned the fuel tank behind the rear axle and directly in front of the rear bumper. In addition, the fuel tank was positioned next to various bolts from nearby brackets. When Ford Pintos were involved in car accidents, the fuel tank could rupture or be punctured, causing fuel leaks that led to explosions and fires. Ford knew about these dangers before releasing the…
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