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Are Bicyclists or Motorists More Prone to Accident Injuries?

There are thousands of vehicle-related accidents every year that result in serious injuries and fatalities to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Cycling and motorcycling are both valid forms of transportation in states like Louisiana, but they’re definitely not the most common. Many people choose not to ride a motorcycle or bicycle to and from work or school because it’s too dangerous. These same people will agree that motorcycles and bicycles are two very different vehicles, but is one more dangerous than the other? How Many Bike and Motorcycle Accidents Occur in Louisiana? In 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 726 fatalities in bicyclists who were involved in accidents with other motor vehicles. The state of Louisiana has installed and maintained new bike lanes in concentrated cities, but there are still multiple fatalities and injuries between bicyclists and car drivers every year. The NHTSA also reported that motorcycle accidents…
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Calls for Bicycle Safety after a Bicyclist is Killed in St. Mary Parish

On August 17, a man in St. Mary Parish was riding on a morning bicycle ride. He was traveling southbound on LA 83 when a Chevrolet Silverado came up on him from behind. He was struck from behind and sustained critical bicycle accident injuries. Three days later, the man succumbed to his injuries. How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents and Minimize Injury In Louisiana, we follow a pure comparative fault rule when accidents cause injury. This means that even if a bicyclist is 99% at fault for an accident, the injured party may still recover damages. However, those damages will be reduced by the degree of fault. For example, if a bicyclist is awarded $100,000 but the courts determine he or she is 10 percent at fault, the damages would be reduced by 10 percent. Louisiana also has a three-foot safe passing rule, meaning drivers must allow bicyclists three feet of…
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