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Can a New Safety Campaign Help Prevent Pedestrian and Bike Accidents in Lafayette?

In the wake of a bicycle accident involving a distracted driver hitting a bicyclist on the Harrison Bridge between West Lafayette and Lafayette, a committee began working on a bike safety campaign. The committee, known as the Lafayette Community Development Project, hoped that the campaign would help prevent pedestrian accidents and bicycle wrecks from happening in the future. Teaching Pedestrians, Drivers and Cyclists to Safely Share the Road The initial goal of the Lafayette Community Development Project’s safety campaign is to change how drivers view bicyclists and pedestrians and their place on the road. They plan to do this through education and awareness programs designed to help drivers, pedestrians and cyclists understand where bikes and pedestrians belong on the road and what traffic laws cyclists and pedestrians are supposed to obey. In addition to the Lafayette Community Development Project, Bicycle Lafayette and Purdue University are involved in the safety campaign….
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Felt Bicycles Recalls Bikes After Cycling Accidents

Felt bicycles are recalling all of their cruiser bicycles sold between June 2014 and March 2015 after a series of cycling accidents. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which protects the public from risks that are considered unreasonable when using a product, 26 people were injured because the bike’s brakes failed. This is not the first time Felt has had to recall their bicycles. In 2011, Felt recalled about 1500 bikes because it was found that the carbon fiber on the fork part of the frame could collapse, potentially causing severe injury to cyclists. Unfortunately, bike recalls are not uncommon and they are frequently associated with severe injuries. Earlier this month, Trek recalled almost a million bikes after a rider was paralyzed because of a defect in the quick release mechanism on the bike wheel, which causes it to separate from the frame while riding. How Often do…
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