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Can I Sue My Workplace for Toxic Mold Exposure?

Toxic mold can be present anywhere – at home, at school, in day cares, at work. Molds are a fact of life. We breathe them in every day. Most of these molds we are exposed to are benign, but some can cause serious health problems. The first symptoms of mold exposure may seem like something else – allergies, perhaps. You might cough or wheeze. You might have watery eyes, or maybe your skin starts to itch. Your nose could start to run. But long-term exposure can lead to worse outcomes. As an employee, spending long periods of time around mold can lead to detrimental effects. And if you do suffer illnesses resulting from mold in the workplace, it is possible to bring legal action against your employer. But for your claim to lead to damages for your mold exposure, you must be able to provide solid evidence of a link…
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