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Do Boating Safety Courses Help Prevent Boat Accidents?

Recently, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries offered free boating safety courses. Per KATC-TV, the courses were part of a national campaign called Spring Aboard-Take a Boating Education Course. In Louisiana, boating safety courses are required for anyone who was born after January 1, 1984 who operates a vessel over 10 horsepower. According to US Coast Guard statistics, in the case of fatal boat crashes where the boater education level of the operators involved was known, 80 percent involved someone operating a boat who had not taken a boating safety course. Boating Safety Tips The National Marine Manufacturers Association’s (NMMA) Discover Boating website features boating safety tips: Avoid drinking alcohol before or while you are operating a boat Learn how to swim before you operate or even ride in a boat Make sure that you and everyone on the boat uses a proper fitting lifejacket Check the weather before…
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The 4 Most Common Types of Maritime Accidents

There’s nothing more relaxing than floating on a boat on the water. As the operator of the boat, however, it is your duty to keep clear of all potential dangers. Here are some of the most likely maritime accidents you’re likely to come across on a lake, river, or bay. Common Maritime Accidents and How to Avoid Them Capsizing – Rough seas combined with operating a boat at unsafe speeds can cause a boat to overturn. Turning a boat when it is moving too quickly can also lead to a boat capsizing. Having situational awareness and exercising caution will keep your boat upright and all passengers safe. Man overboard – This boating accident is no laughing matter. Falling overboard results in death more often than any other type of maritime accident. The most likely reasons for a person falling off a boat are because of consumption of alcohol and slippery…
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5 Boating Safety Tips for Louisianans

Boating safety should be your top priority whenever you get out on the water. As the fall season approaches, there will be plenty of great opportunities for people who want to fish, hunt or just enjoy the water. There will also be some unique safety challenges. The Wildlife Fishery Department warns that the fog, along with colder water can add some safety concerns. Louisiana had 22 deaths from boating accidents last year. Here’s a look at some things you can do to help bring that number down to zero. 5 Tips Boating Safety Tips for Louisianans NEVER drink while operating a boat: You shouldn’t drink and drive, and you shouldn’t drink and boat. If you are operating the vehicle, you should avoid drinking altogether. Even as a passenger, you should still watch yourself. If something happens, you may need a sharp mind to get to safety. Keep your phone in…
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