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Why You Should Stop Saying “Car Accident” and Start Saying “Car Crash”

Almost since the invention of the automobile, cars have been running into one another. In fact, cars were crashing before they were even available to the public. There are lots of different ways to describe what happens when one car hits another, but “car accident” is perhaps the longest lived and most commonly used phrase. You use it, we’ve used it on our blog before and major news outlets use it every day. However, as some activists have recently pointed out, we should really stop saying “car accident” and start saying “car crash”. It’s a matter of accountability as well as good grammar. Why is “Crash” a More Accurate Expression? The problem with the term “car accident” is that “accident”, by its very definition, means something that no one intended and it also comes with a heavy suggestion that no one is to blame. Accidents happen, right? They happen because…
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