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What it Takes to Be A Safe Cyclist in Lafayette

Cycling is a great method of transportation during the summer months, but it can also become a dangerous one due to inattentive motorists and other common hazards. Knowledge of bicycle safety is a matter of vital importance for cyclists. What do we mean by bicycle safety? Much like motorists rely on defensive driving techniques to avoid accidents, cyclists can adopt certain measures to avoid collisions with vehicles. By understanding why bicycle accidents happen, cyclists can continue to enjoy their hobby or method of transportation while remaining safe. Bicycle Safety Tips for Acadiana Cyclists Defensive cycling techniques and certain equipment are necessary for staying safe while cycling this summer. Helmets: While bicycle helmets will not protect against concussions (concussions are primarily caused by whiplash) they can protect against more severe brain injuries. Bright clothing: Motorcyclists and cyclists share a similar problem in that both are very difficult to spot. Fortunately, bright…
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