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What Are the Most Toxic Substances Found at Oil and Gas Rigs?

It’s not a surprise that coal, gas and oil production in this country introduces dangers to its employees and neighboring citizens. Fossil fuel production is still our number one source of energy, and unfortunately it has turned our world into a desperate and costly place. One main reason that oil production is so deadly is that the production of fossil fuels uses thousands of chemicals and toxins that are dangerous to our health. There are a few ingredients and substances in particular that are especially harmful to our environment. What Are the Most Dangerous Toxic Substances in Oil Production? Benzene: Fossil fuel production uses benzene in oil, coal and natural gas. Benzene is one of the most well-known carcinogens that is specifically linked to diseases such as leukemia, breast cancer, and urinary tract cancers. If an oil rig worker is exposed to benzene, it could reduce red and white blood…
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