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What Are Recent Statistics on DUIs in Louisiana?

Every state has the issue of drunk driving, and many car accidents that we hear about are caused by someone driving under the influence. It’s an issue that has fluctuated back and forth in terms of severity, but in the state of Louisiana, the numbers have always been alarming. Thankfully, the amount of car accidents in general have decreased every year since 1982. As a Louisiana citizen, it’s important to know these statistics on DUIs so you can have a better look at how safe the state’s roads have become. What Are the Most Recent DUI Statistics for Louisiana? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2014, there were 737 reported car accident fatalities in Louisiana. Out of the 737 deaths, 300 of those were alcohol related. This could be calculated as 41% of vehicle accidents in the state. Out of those 300 alcohol-related deaths, there were 253…
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Are Bicyclists or Motorists More Prone to Accident Injuries?

There are thousands of vehicle-related accidents every year that result in serious injuries and fatalities to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Cycling and motorcycling are both valid forms of transportation in states like Louisiana, but they’re definitely not the most common. Many people choose not to ride a motorcycle or bicycle to and from work or school because it’s too dangerous. These same people will agree that motorcycles and bicycles are two very different vehicles, but is one more dangerous than the other? How Many Bike and Motorcycle Accidents Occur in Louisiana? In 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 726 fatalities in bicyclists who were involved in accidents with other motor vehicles. The state of Louisiana has installed and maintained new bike lanes in concentrated cities, but there are still multiple fatalities and injuries between bicyclists and car drivers every year. The NHTSA also reported that motorcycle accidents…
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This Highway That Runs Through Louisiana is One of the Nation’s Most Dangerous

It stretches from sea to shining sea and it passes right through Louisiana. But did you know that it is one of the most dangerous freeways in the United States? I’m talking, of course, about Interstate-10. The freeway runs through many cities in Louisiana, primarily in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes and, according to a study, the most dangerous portion of the entire highway is that part that runs through New Orleans. Researchers with ValuePenguin said that in the last five years, I-10 has seen more than 1,300 deadly accidents across the country. The highest concentration of them – 89 fatalities in all – happened in New Orleans. A good percentage of these fatal accidents occur in conditions where there is little to no light. Of the 208 fatal accidents recorded in Louisiana, 84 happened in areas with little light. The primary causes of accidents, according to Louisiana State Police, are…
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