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Are You Prepared for Increased Drunk Driving Accidents Labor Day Weekend?

Labor Day Weekend signals the end of the summer as school starts up and many American adults have a long weekend to celebrate their work during the year. Road trips, events and parties increase during this time, which unfortunately means that the risk of drunk driving accidents also increases. Why Do Drunk Driving Accidents Increase During Labor Day Weekend? The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over national mobilization for this year goes into effect from August 15 to September 3. This campaign will help to spread awareness on safety tips and the dangers of drunk driving, as well as increase police presence in order to help stop drunk drivers. According to the National Safety Council, on average, about 400 people die or are involved in a fatal accident over each Labor Day Weekend. Approximately 49,000 people will also seek medical care for serious injuries during this three-day weekend. In order…
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Is Drowsy Driving as Dangerous as Drunk Driving?

“Don’t drink and drive.” It’s an unavoidable message, drilled into our children’s heads in school, blasted on the television during the evenings and lighting up street signs on nights and weekends. Most people understand the inherent dangers of drinking and driving. Alcohol reduces alertness, reaction time and focus, among other things, making the drunk driver a dangerous force on the road. But many people don’t realize that drowsy driving can be dangerous as well. For years, experts have been stressing that Americans need to be more careful about driving while tired. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has reported that even a small amount of sleep deprivation can dramatically increase a person’s chance of serious injury or death. Even driving on five or six hours of sleep, which is normal for many people, can double your chances of getting into a car accident compared to driving on seven hours of…
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Are Head-On Crashes Usually the Result of Drunk Driving?

A recent Lafayette head-on car wreck involving a drunk driver raises the question: How often are drunk drivers responsible for head-on crashes? KATC-TV featured a report on the head-on car accident. Reportedly, the crash happened on Interstate 10 and claimed the life of a 24-year-old Florida woman. The accident happened around 4 am on a section of I-10 known as the Atchafalaya Freeway near the Whiskey Bay exit. There are no shoulders along this section of I-10. The 24-year-old Florida woman was driving a Toyota westbound on the highway leading up to the deadly wreck. The alleged drunk driver was traveling east in the westbound lane prior to colliding head-on with the Toyota. Following the wreck, the 24-year-old woman was taken to a hospital in Lafayette, where she later died. For the alleged drunk driver, if convicted, this would be his fourth DWI. In addition to the DWI, the 28-year-old…
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