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Takeaways from the Mardi Gras Drunk Driving Accident

Over the weekend leading up to Mardi Gras, we didn’t need a reminder about the dangers of drunk-driving, but we got one. A man with a blood-alcohol-content of .232, nearly three times the legal limit, injured dozens when he plowed his pickup truck into a Mardi Gras crowd in New Orleans. Fortunately, none of these injuries were life threatening. This event is a timely opportunity to discuss what you can do to prevent drunk driving accidents. The Best Ways to Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents Have a designated driver – We all know that we should decide who is going to be the designated driver before we go out for the night. However, this important decision can sometimes be lost to the spirit of having fun. Leave your cars keys at home – If you don’t have your keys, you can’t drive your car drunk. Likewise, if you give your keys…
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What are My Options After a Drunk Driver Hits Me?

Otters hold hands while they sleep so they don’t float away from each other. Off topic, but there had to be something adorable to offset how depressing the facts about drunk driving are. Every two hours in the United States, someone dies after a drunk driver hits them. Depressing or not, you do have options when a drunk driver hits you. Legal Options After a Drunk Driver Hits You File a civil case – The state prosecutor or district attorney does not represent victims for compensation. To pursue compensation, you should file a civil case against the drunk driver. By doing so, you are seeking “damages,” financial compensation, from him or her. Compensation though their insurance – Shortly after the accident, the drunk driver’s insurance company will contact you. They will probably offer you a sizable sum of money to cover your damages. Be cautious in accepting this amount. They…
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Can This New Device Deter Distracted Drivers?

New York lawmakers may pass legislation allowing the use of a ‘textalyzer’ to catch drivers texting behind the wheel. Much like the breathalyzer is used to measure the blood alcohol content of drunk drivers, the textalyzer would plug into mobile phones and determine whether motorists were texting at the time of an accident. Lawmakers and organizations who want this bill passed claim the textalyzer would only look at messaging activity. The details of text messages would not be accessible by police, nor would app data, photos, phone numbers or any other personal information. Would motorists in New York risk texting and driving if they knew police may check their phones? This law might also make it much easier to pursue both criminal and civil cases against distracted drivers. There are already ways to receive call and message logs from service providers after an accident, but the textalyzer could make this…
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