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Ways to Avoid a Deadly Explosion or Fire in an Oil Field

Workers in the oil industry face many deadly hazards on a daily basis, and they are constantly at risk for serious or fatal injuries. Oil rig employees regularly face the risk of explosions and fires due to an ignition of flammable gases and vapors that they are constantly surrounded by. If workers follow the right safety protocol, they can generally escape and survive an explosion or fire, but there are some main protective techniques that are especially helpful. What Are the Best Ways to Avoid an Explosion or Fire? Flammable gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, well gases, and well vapors can be released from wells, trucks, manufacturing and production equipment, or even surface equipment such as shale shakers and tanks. If any of these vapors are exposed to certain sources, they will ignite and cause a fire. Sources of ignition can be electric static, electrical energy sources, open flames, cigarettes,…
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Two Workers Injured in Bossier Parish Explosion

An accident at a Bossier Parish oil and gas plant led to a gas explosion that hurt two people. A third worker present managed to avoid injury. The accident apparently occurred when one worker bumped into a gas tank valve, releasing gas. The gas touched a flame and ignited, starting a fire. The fire gave two men second- and third-degree burns on the upper halves of their bodies. Both men were apparently able to converse with their rescuers, but suffered serious injuries. They were hospitalized shortly after. Compensation for Explosion Injuries Explosions can cause a variety of injuries, including burns, broken bones, loss of limb, ear damage, ballistic damage, respiratory problems, scarring and disfigurement and much more. Regardless of fault, if you suffer injury during the scope of your employment, you should qualify for workers’ compensation. Workers’ comp will typically cover things like medical bills, vocational therapy, a portion of…
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