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Is Verizon Putting Customers in Danger by Refusing this Update?

No matter how you look at it, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has put a lot of customers in danger. The scandal of the exploding batteries has gone on for months, as the company has struggled to resolve the issue. Samsung finally has come up with its answer. First, the company has agreed to recall all phones with the promise of a refund. Second, it is issuing a massive software update that will kill all remaining devices and prevent future safety concerns. The update will be sent out via the company’s cell service carriers. This seems like a good solution, except that one carrier is dragging its feet. Is Verizon Putting Customers in Danger? Verizon Wireless is the single biggest carrier in the United States, so it was no small issue when the company announced it would not be sending out Samsung’s update. A company representative defended this decision. He…
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