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Dangerous Costumes and Other Halloween Safety Tips

There’s a chill in the air. A spooky whisper on the wind. The sound of small hooved feet sneaking around the attic. The bubbling of a cauldron, the rattling of bones – everyone’s favorite day of costumes, candy and cobwebs is coming soon, and that means your kids have probably been dragging you down the costume aisle at Wal-Mart for a month or so, salivating when they see those giant bags of Twix and Snickers and trying to remember which houses in the neighborhood give the best treats. According to the Guardian, Halloween is the third largest party day of the year – 93 percent of American kids and 68 percent of adults participate in the festivities. Because of the huge rate of adult participation, Halloween is only beaten by New Year’s Eve and Super Bowl Sunday in terms of celebration size. So, knowing that you will probably be joining…
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