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Immigration Statistics In Louisiana

Louisiana is home to a growing community that thrives on various forms of occupations and businesses. The state has a 4 percent immigrant population, which seems small, but immigrants have become a vital part of the state’s overall workforce. Immigrants in Louisiana account for 23% of the state’s labor force relating to fishing, farming and forestry occupations. Here are some more data relating to Louisiana’s immigrant population. Demographic data: According to the American Immigration Council’s data collection from 2015, the top countries of origin for Louisiana immigrants are Mexico, Honduras, Vietnam, India, and Cuba.  3.3% of Louisiana’s state population consists of native-born Americans who have at least one immigrant parent. Over 75,000 immigrants became naturalized, and over 30,000 were eligible to become naturalized in 2015 (naturalization is the process by which a non-citizen may acquire citizenship or nationality). More than 25,000 Louisiana citizens live with at least one family member…
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