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What Are the Guidelines and Restrictions Under the Death on High Seas Act?

Also known as the DOHSA, the Death on High Seas Act is an important maritime law that all maritime workers should be aware of. It was enacted by the US government in 1920 in order to give financial compensation to any families of shipmen who have died while being on duty. There have been other important amendments added to this law since its enactment, and the law remains an important law for seamen today. What Are the Additional Amendments to the DOHSA? In the year 2000, a vital amendment was added to the DOHSA. This amendment included any monetary claims for lives lost in aircraft accidents and disasters. In addition to these monetary claims, further amendments allow relatives and other members of the family of the deceased to claim compensation for any trauma and/or mental grief that they also experienced. What Are the Specific Terms Under the DOHSA? The incident…
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