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What to Do If a Pharmacy Gives You the Wrong Medication

When you walk into a pharmacy to pick up medication, you expect that what they are giving you is the right drug. Pharmacies carry thousands of prescription drugs, many with serious side effects. So, if you receive the wrong drug, as a Louisiana family recently alleged, there is a potential for life-threatening consequences. Parents are suing a Walgreens Pharmacy at West Jefferson Medical Center and Walgreen Louisiana Company Inc. for giving their child the wrong medication. The claim states that the plaintiffs bought the prescription from the defendants for a minor child on March 14, 2016. Due to the pharmacy allegedly dispensing the wrong medication, the child suffered life-threatening reactions. The plaintiffs are accusing the defendants of negligence for failure to warn of the potential dangers of the drug they gave out, failure to properly fill the prescription and overall negligence. Prescription Error Statistics According to Patient Safety Network, clinicians…
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