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What to Know About the Mercedes Recall Over Fire Hazards

Consumer Reports does not currently rate cars based on their likelihood of bursting into flames. After recent troubles with several Mercedes-Benz models, though, they may have to add a category for it. Due to an issue with a defective fuse, a current limiter in the starter motor can overheat and melt. This may lead to a kind of ignition different from what you’re used to in a car. For this reason, Mercedes recalled all models that could contain a starter that may be prone to overheating. Facts About the Mercedes Recall Globally, 51 fires have been reported, including 35 in the United States. In response, Mercedes is recalling over one million vehicles, including about 300,000 in the US. Models affected by the recall include the C-Class and E-Class, as well as CLA, GLA, and GLC models. Per Mercedes, the defect is caused by repeatedly attempting to start the engine without…
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