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Who is at Fault for a Motorcycle Accident?

Depending on the circumstances, a negligent motorist or biker may be at fault for a motorcycle accident. However, in many cases, a distracted driver may be more likely to overlook an oncoming motorcyclist. In this video, attorneys John Jefcoat and Jason Weaver explain why driver distraction causes many motorcycle accidents. Video Transcription I think that the main reason that motorcycle accidents are so frequent is that people are, again, distracted driving. Maybe not paying attention. Playing with the radio. It’s easy to see a big 18-wheeler in front of you out of your peripheral vision, and know, okay, there’s something there I need to stop. Versus a motorcycle is much harder to see. And I think one of the main causes of why motorcycle accidents are so frequent is just distracted driving. People not paying attention. Just get lost in, you know, thinking about their day. Texting. Radio. Whatever it…
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