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Why Safety Officials Are Scared of Pokémon Go

If you have seen large groups walking around glued to their mobile phones, chances are you have witnessed people playing Pokémon Go. For those who are unaware, Pokémon was a popular franchise from the 1990s that included a television show, movies, video games and trading cards.  The show, much like the games, revolves around capturing and battling Pokémon (Pokémon are creatures with special abilities). Pokémon Go is a popular new ‘augmented reality’ smartphone game. What do we mean by augmented reality? The game uses phone cameras, GPS and other features to superimpose the world of Pokémon over the real world. Players see wild Pokémon appear on their screens in real-world environments. For example, if you were playing the game and had your mobile phone pointed at the office bathroom, you might see a wild Pikachu appear. Players hunt and capture these Pokémon. Pokémon Go also utilizes Pokéstops, areas where players…
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