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How Could I Experience a Scarring or Disfiguring Injury?

There are a wide variety of injuries that you could sustain from a car accident or work incident. In general, injuries are considered minor or catastrophic, with other types of injuries found in between. Catastrophic injuries are considered extremely severe injuries that result in long-term harm to your physical health. Scarring and disfigurement can be considered permanent catastrophic injuries. How Can I Get a Scarring or Disfiguring Injury? For some accident victims, a scar or form of disfigurement can affect their ability to enjoy the rest of their lives and hold a successful job. Scarring and disfigurement injuries can result from: Severe burns and lacerations: Second or third degree burns on your face, neck, or body can result in permanent scarring that could even affect your ability to sit, walk, or perform daily tasks. If the burns resulted in face or body disfigurement, you could lose your job or not…
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