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Could This Massive New Study Help Prevent Sports Injuries?

Texas is launching a massive new study on concussions and other sports injuries. It will be the largest effort in the nation to track these accidents and study them over time. The program is a collaboration between The University Interscholastic League, which manages high school sports in the state, and the O’Donnell Brain Institute at UT Southwestern Medical Center. It will track Texas’ 800,000 public high school athletes, with the intent of determining whether schools need to change safety requirements for kids. Are Big Changes Coming in the Way Schools Handle Sports Injuries? Parents, coaches and community leaders have been concerned, since scientific research has now proven a relationship between serious medical issues and head impacts in youth sports. For years, the government has been trying to adjust to these findings. Multiple states have taken prevention measures, and the federal Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has proposed a national…
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Are Obstacle Races Unsafe for Runners?

More than a dozen people were injured due to structural issues at the Warrior Dash obstacle race near Baton Rouge. The race is an annual event where runners race across large obstacles and structures. Law enforcement has reported that there were more than 20 people climbing on a large wooden dome obstacle when it suddenly collapsed. According to Acadian medical responders, 11 people were rushed to the hospital after the accident. Others, who sustained more minor injuries, transported themselves to medical care. Three participates were airlifted because of more severe injuries. Investigations into the cause of the accident are still underway, but it appears that the framework of the dome was not properly enforced to hold the necessary number of participants. Are Obstacle Races Unsafe for Runners? The accident has sparked a conversation about whether or not these races are really safe. Two people died in another Warrior dash a…
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