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Why You Should Care About the Louisiana Tort Reform Debate

Remember the lawsuit against McDonald’s involving a woman burned by hot coffee? Many people look back on this lawsuit and use it as an example for discussing the history of the great tort reform fight. Proponents of tort reform considered this woman’s lawsuit to be “frivolous” when in reality, she was seriously injured by a negligent company that knowingly put its customers in danger, just to save a little money. A tort is a “wrongful act,” such as an auto manufacturer knowingly releasing dangerous parts without telling regulators. Proponents of tort reform in Louisiana argue businesses could suffer from frivolous lawsuits if tort reform is rolled back or halted. This is a common myth of tort reform, as in reality, frivolous lawsuits are thrown out by judges before proceeding to trial. According to the proponents, halting tort reform will stifle business growth in our state, although they present no evidence….
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