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Is This Oil Rig Operator Responsible for a Worker’s On-the-Job Back Injury?

Last month, a case was filed in Harris County District Court against Rowan Companies Inc., an oil rig operator, alleging that the company is responsible for one of its employees suffering a back injury on an oil rig. Per the lawsuit, the worker is claiming that the oil rig operator failed to provide a safe work environment, and the oil rig that served as his worksite was unseaworthy. As a result, the worker says that the strain of working on an unsafe and unseaworthy oil rig for seven years led to him developing a severe back injury. In addition, the worker claims that the oil rig operator failing to train him to properly work in an environment with ergonomic risk factors contributed to him suffering the back injury. How Is Fault Determined Following an On-the-Job Injury? Who can be held accountable for an on-the-job accident or injury often depends on…
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What Can I Expect from Louisiana’s Return-to-Work Program?

When employees are hurt on the job, workers’ compensation is supposed to provide them and their families with benefits to help them make ends meet. Its aim is to get workers back at their jobs as quickly and safely as possible. Louisiana’s return-to-work program, called “WorkAction,” does so by focusing on early intervention. Here’s how it can help you. WorkAction: Louisiana’s Return-to-Work Program Claims rep visit – As soon as possible after your work injury, a Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation (LWCC) claims representative will visit your worksite in person. He will review your current job duties and help to determine what transitional work you can do as you recover. Job evaluation – After thoroughly investigating your jobsite, the rep will forward an analysis of it for physician review. The analysis will include a written report of your job duties and any photos that help illustrate the job. Physician review –…
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When Can Workers File Lawsuits After Workplace Accidents?

Workers who suffer on-the-job injuries from accidents may be able to receive worker’s compensation. These benefits can help cover medical expenses and lost wages. However, because injured workers can receive workers’ comp, they cannot file lawsuits against their employers under most circumstances. Despite this rule, there are still options for workers to file lawsuits against others who contributed to their injuries. Workers who suffered injuries from accidents caused by third parties may have the option of filing third party lawsuits. What Is a Third Party? Third parties are people or businesses separate from an injured worker’s employer. For example, let’s say defective equipment on an oil rig causes a workplace injury. Depending on the circumstances, a worker injured by that piece of equipment could a file lawsuit against the manufacturer. Another example could be if a worker were hit by a drunk driver while on-the-clock or injured by a contractor…
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