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Why is Exxon Mobil Denying Employer Negligence in This Recent Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

In a recent wrongful death case, several representatives of Exxon Mobil Corp. are denying that the company committed any negligence after an employee died while checking an oil storage tank in eastern Montana. Exxon Mobil is an American multinational gas and oil corporation based in Irving, Texas. In early February 2018, the company filed its official response to a recent lawsuit from the estate of Trent Vigus of Glendive, Montana. The 30-year old employee died in July 2010 while working for an Exxon contractor, Nabors, Industries. An attorney for Vigus’s estate claimed that Vigus’ wife had been suspecting employer negligence when she read that another worker had died while also working on an oil storage tank. The attorney, Fred Bremseth, said that the case is strikingly similar to others where employees would die from being in contact with dangerous fumes from these storage tanks. A spokeswoman from Exxon says an…
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Louisiana Wrongful Death Lawsuits Involving Police Officers

There have been many recent news stories involving wrongful deaths caused by police officers. Every situation and news story has been different, but one common factor that constantly comes up is the issue of race or racial tension and differences. It’s hard to prove in these lawsuits whether race was a definite determinant in the cause of someone’s death. Louisiana has recently had some police officer-involved wrongful deaths; here are some details on one of the most recent cases: Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Louisiana Sheriff’s Wrongful Killing Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Holden LaFleur was not indicted for the death of DeJuan Guillory. The lawsuit was filed less than a week after a state grand jury failed to accuse him. Apparently LaFleur, who is white, has been known to be “prone to fits of anger, mental instability, and racial animus against African Americans,” which Sheriff Eddie Soileau claims he didn’t know…
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Did Bad Highway Safety Cause These Wrongful Deaths?

A jury has just awarded $4.4 million in damages to parents for the wrongful death of their two children. The accident occurred when a young woman lost control of her SUV and veered off the road. The SUV slid down a steep embankment and hit a crowd of five people. The three adults in the crowd were rush to the nearest hospital. The two children died shortly after the car crash. According to the jury’s conclusions, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development was to blame for the accident, because the embankment was a dangerous road design. If the SUV had not rolled down the steep incline on the side of the road, the accident might never have happened. Wrongful Death Cases Can Keep a Family Afloat After Tragedy When you lose a loved one, the last thing you want to think about is how to deal with lawyers or…
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