Are Teething Tablets Putting Your Child in Danger?

How should you handle car insurance after an accident?Homeopathic teething tablets for children may have caused 10 deaths and more than 400 reported incidents of adverse effects, according to a report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The undesirable effects include vomiting, fever, tremors, agitation, lethargy and shortness of breath.

The FDA is now warning parents and other caregivers to stop using the tablets, and to see a doctor immediately if they suspect any issues due to the product.

Why Are the Teething Tables Dangerous?

The FDA have not yet identified the link between the tablets and the connected medical issues. An investigation is still underway to uncover why so many children experience major issues after using the product.

Major retailers such as Walgreens and CVS have already pulled the products from their shelves. A representative from Hyland, which makes the tablets, denies that there is evidence to suggest that the product causes any harm to children. In their official statement, they noted the FDA investigation is still underway. Despite this denial, however, the company will pull the product from retail stores in the United States. There is currently no official recall out on the product in question.

A Lawyer Can Help If You Are Injured by a Dangerous Product

If you or a loved one are injured because a company sold you a dangerous product, the legal system has protections in place to help you seek justice. Businesses have a legal obligation to create products that do not harm customers when they are used correctly. When a product hurts you or a loved one, the seller has failed to meet that obligation.

A lawyer with expertise in product liability can help you identify how the manufacturer was negligent, and then fight to get you the funds you need.

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