How Do Traffic Laws Apply to Private Property?

When it comes to accidents on private property, Louisiana laws become a little muddy. For example, if you were to get into a wreck in a mall parking lot, there are certain responsibilities split between the responding officers and the owners of the lot. The laws that govern roadways do not apply in the private lot – a police officer cannot cite you for speeding, for example.

Usually, the officer in these situations will write no citations. The officer will prepare a report designed specifically for these scenarios that details the dynamics of the accident. This document mainly serves as a record of the event, including insurance where applicable.

Some driving laws do apply in private lots as well as public. If one of the drivers involved in the accident was uninsured, for example, that driver could still receive a citation, because driving without at least the minimum liability insurance in Louisiana is against the law.

Reckless driving is also a citable offense in private lots, because it is a criminal statute. Criminal statutes are applicable everywhere in Louisiana, even private lots.

I Was Injured in a Crash with an Uninsured Driver. Am I Eligible For Any Compensation?

A wreck with an uninsured driver can turn your life around in an instant. Most insurance policies in Louisiana come with uninsured motorist coverage, so your insurance company should be able to help you recuperate some of the costs for the damage and the injury. Beyond that, you will need to find a personal injury attorney.

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