Tree Causes a Car Accident — Who’s To Blame?

Lafayette car accident lawyers for crash claimsWhen a fallen tree causes a car accident, finding who is responsible can be difficult. However, one Louisiana woman did her homework and found out who was responsible for a tree that fell across Highway 3130 in Grant Parish. That fallen pine tree may have caused her car crash, but it doesn’t have to worry about the liability. The victim has now filed a lawsuit against the responsible parties.

Who Was Responsible For The Accident?

The victim alleges that the U.S. Department of Agriculture and/or the U.S. Forest Service were negligent and so responsible for the injuries she sustained. According to the case, the defendants commissioned a controlled burn in the immediate area of the crash. The burn caused a pine tree to fall on the roadway and no actions were taken to move the obstruction. The lawsuit further claims that the defendants didn’t post any public warnings, guards, or barricades to keep people from running into the tree like she did.

This woman filed a complaint with the two government agencies immediately following her accident. No action was taken on her behalf, so she finally took the agencies to court, but cases like this can be complex. Having the right attorney can be very critical.

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