Truck Accident Brings The House Down

Picture of an 18-wheelerA Port Barre family is recovering from a catastrophic truck accident, and they weren’t even on the road. A truck on the nearby US 190 lost control and barreled into their home on July 30th. The truck was carrying flammable yet nonhazardous materials that caught on fire after the crash. The resulting fire completely destroyed the tractor trailer and consumed a good portion of the house, but there were no fatalities.

Was Anybody Hurt In The Accident?

Three people were in the home at the time of the crash, and they managed to escape, though a 5-year-old boy suffered some minor injuries. The truck driver also escaped with only minor injuries. He and the boy were both taken to a local hospital for treatment.

How Did This Truck Accident Happen?

St. Landry Parish sheriffs are investigating the scene, but they do not suspect fatigue or alcohol as a cause in this crash. The police are focusing on a potential tire blowout as the most probable cause of the crash. However, this family managed to escape the crash, and no one was killed, but a massive repair bill is hanging over their heads.

How Often Do Crashes Like This Happen?

It is estimated that 20,000 vehicles crash into commercial buildings every year, and if residential crashes are included, that number could reach 60,000. Experts blame pedal error, drunk driving, and negligent driving for most of these accidents, but exact numbers are hard to get because government agencies don’t track this information, despite having the means to.

We need to bring attention to this blank spot in our community’s safety, and pursuing compensation for your losses can be one of the best ways to do that. Negligent drivers and drunk drivers are responsible for the damage they cause during a crash, so don’t be afraid to contact a lawyer if someone crashes through your home.

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