Universities Struggling For Part of The BP Settlement

Oil RigWe have been following the BP settlement closely to keep you informed about the restitution that your community will receive, but we have also been monitoring the continued struggle of businesses and people not specifically covered by the settlement. Now, two universities struggling for part of the BP settlement are preparing for even more court room sparring, but are their claims separate from the recent settlement?

How Much Are These Schools Claiming?

The University of Louisiana and Southern University college school systems filed a case against BP back in 2013. These schools were the only public colleges or universities in the state to file against BP on their own, and they have made a claim of $274 million to compensate for property damage and lost revenue. However, BP is fighting that case by claiming that these schools are covered under the massive $18.7 billion settlement, which gives Louisiana a $6.8 billion share to pay for damages and restoration all over the state.

Could The Schools Receive A Separate Settlement?

Both sides are remaining silent on the status of this case, but U of L and Southern are not the first schools to file against BP. The University of West Florida in Pensacola filed a suit against BP back in 2011 and was awarded almost $178,000 in compensation. However, officials in Mississippi claim that their portion of the $18.7 billion settlement covers claims for all Mississippi agencies and departments, which implies the inclusion of Mississippi public colleges and universities.

These facts leave this case in a state of uncertainty, and so we must wait and see who the courts will side with. Galloway Jefcoat has represented victims of oil rig accidents for many years, and we know how these companies can affect our community. This case will not be easily decided and could affect the education of Louisiana youth for years to come, so keep an eye on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter for more updates.

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