Using Old or Defective Tires Can Endanger Yourself and Others

Picture of Tire BlowoutWhen tire treads separate they can litter pieces of rubber along the highway, which can lead to serious auto accidents. Sometimes tires come apart because of a manufacturing defect or because the tire was used longer than its span of intended use.

Tire blowouts can occur when a damaged or aging tire loses air pressure. A common result of a tire blowout is a rollover accident, which can cause serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, due to roof crushes.

Tire blowouts can happen to both commercial and private drivers. When semi-trucks have a tire blowout, the entire 18-wheeler can jackknife, causing a major collision or a car accident pileup, which may lead to multiple injuries, including auto fatalities.

What Can Cause Tire Blowouts in Old or Defective Tires?

Old or faulty tires are much more likely to incur a tire blowout in the following instances:

  • Driving over potholes
  • Carrying a heavy load
  • Incorrect tire size for the wheel
  • Overinflated or underinflated tires
  • Cuts in the tire.

When purchasing tires, it is important to figure out how old the tires are and how long you should use them before buying tires again.

If injuries or wrongful deaths occur because of a commercial truck tire blowout, then the driver, trucking company, tire manufacturer or maintenance crew could be liable for the car accident, depending on the circumstances.

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