Are You Using Safe Consumer Products?

Make sure your consumer products are safeWe use thousands of consumer products every day, whether it be cars, televisions, smartphones or laptops. Most of these products are safe to use and many will never cause harm to consumers. However, there are some products, several of which we have discussed on our blog, that can put consumers in danger. These dangerous consumer products can show us why it is important to stay informed.

Electronic cigarettes have recently gained media attention for causing horrific injuries. When the batteries in electronic cigarettes overheat, they can explode, causing facial burns and knocking out teeth. One man had a hole burned through the roof of his mouth, and another suffered a spinal cord injury. Some people affected by electronic cigarette explosions will have to live with paralysis or disfigurement for the rest of their lives.

Vehicles are another great example of potentially dangerous consumer products. There are several recent cases where defective auto parts have injured or killed consumers. For example, Takata’s faulty airbags or General Motors’ ignition switch. General Motors’ ignition switch has killed more than 100 people and catastrophically injured many more.

How You Can Avoid Dangerous Consumer Products

How can you be sure you are using safe consumer products? There are several ways. The Consumer Safety Product Commission’s website allows users to stay informed on product recalls. For vehicle recall information, use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Consumers can use these websites to avoid potentially dangerous products. Online vendors, such as Amazon, may also periodically send emails to consumers about dangerous products.

For any products not listed on these websites, continue following our blog for future updates on consumer safety.


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