Victim’s Widow Seeks Justice After Fatal Oil Rig Accident

construction site craneA man working in the Gulf of Mexico fell and died in a tragic oil rig accident. He was working on a rig for Environmental Remediation Services when he fell from the top deck.

The man’s widow is now suing her husband’s employer for $1 million in damages on the grounds that negligence caused his death. According to the lawsuit, the company did not do take the proper precautions in ensuring that the site was safe before sending the man to work. The widow’s attorney has already taken the step of getting a restraining order against the employers in order to keep evidence at the work site intact.

The law firm representing the man’s wife conducted an early investigation to help her discover if there was any wrongdoing. This investigation is still underway, but so far they believe they have found that there were structural issues with the rig that caused part of it to fall. This is what led to the worker’s tragic death.

What to Do if You or a Loved One Is in an Oil Rig Accident

Sadly, this case is by no means uncommon. The oil industry can be a dangerous business, and often workers get hurt as a result of bad behavior from their employers or third party contractors. Here are a few common causes of accidents we see in the industry.

  • Defective equipment: Working on an oil rig is a tough enough job already. Workers have the right to use functional equipment that won’t put them in danger. If an employer provides defective equipment and a worker gets hurt, there are laws in place to help provide justice.
  • Employer negligence: Sometimes employers fail to take the proper steps in order to create a safe workplace for their employees. In cases like these, they should be held responsible, so that workers get the support they need, and other companies will know to take safety seriously.
  • Pipeline accidents: There is a wide range of factors and potential causes for these types of accidents. It is important to speak with an expert to see if the employer might not have done their part to minimize danger.
  • Crane accident: Getting to the oil rig can be one of the riskiest parts of the whole job. If your company doesn’t handle this correctly, or the operator isn’t properly trained, the company may be to blame for the injury.

Oil industry employees work hard in a rough and sometimes even dangerous atmosphere. The last thing they need is an employer who fails to provide them with the right safety precautions and equipment.  If you or a loved one are the victim of an oil rig accident, you should seek the counsel of an attorney. You may be able to receive the funds you need to pay medical bills, make up for missed wages and stay afloat during a serious injury. We all need to work together to pressure businesses to create a safer environment for their people.

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